Our technology

Introduction to our technology

At Alphanosos, we’re revolutionising traditional approaches to healthcare by harnessing the power of nature assisted by artificial intelligence. Find out how our unique technology is helping to develop innovative and safe healthcare solutions.


The plant library

We have a sample library of over 1,000 edible plants, all selected for their safety and efficacy. Each plant is chosen according to its specific application, whether for oral or topical administration, and taking into account regulatory criteria and target user profiles, including children, adults and pregnant women.

The experimentation process

Innovation at Alphanosos is based on a rigorous process of in vitro experimentation. We carry out tests on cell cultures to evaluate the efficacy of our compositions against various pathogens or for specific effects on cells. These experiments are essential to enable us to test a wide range of combinations and guarantee the efficacy of our products.

Artificial Intelligence for research

Faced with the practical impossibility of manually testing more than 1040 possible combinations of plants, we use artificial intelligence to optimise our research. Our first compositions are generated randomly, without any influence from previous research, to avoid bias and discover new effects. AI then intervenes to analyse and recombine the plants after each series of tests, speeding up the discovery of effective formulas.

Our Technology in action

We describe our process for developing 100% plant-based active ingredients effective against strains of staphylococci resistant to several antibiotics:

  1. Preparation and Incubation: We introduce the target pathogens into 96-well plates containing different plant mixtures, then incubate these cultures.
  2. Detection: The use of specific reagents, such as crystal violet, allows us to detect the presence or absence of bacterial biofilm, thus indicating the effectiveness of the product.
  3. AI analysis: Following the initial tests, the AI recombines the data to refine the mixtures until conclusive results are obtained after several series of experiments.

Commitment and safety

Our commitment to safety and efficacy underpins our technology. By using only edible plants and exploiting advanced development processes, we ensure that our products are both safe and effective for a wide range of human and animal health applications.

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