Biomarkers discovery

Alphanosos’ AI algorithms is revolutionising biomarker discovery. We use our advanced AI technologies to accurately and reliablly identify complex biomarkers that can improve diagnosis and the personalisation of medical treatments. Our biotechnology expertise enables us to discover and validate new biomarkers from data collected in a variety of clinical and research applications.

Why Biomarker Discovery?

Biomarkers play a crucial role in the development of more effective, personalised treatment strategies. They make it possible to :

  • Refine diagnosis: Improve diagnostic accuracy for various diseases.
  • Monitor progression: Track the evolution of diseases to adjust treatments in real time.
  • Predict responses to treatment: Identify patients most likely to benefit from specific therapies, thereby reducing the time and costs associated with treatment.

Our technology in action

Our genuine and innovative algorithms are adapted to use data from multiple cutting-edge techniques such as next-generation sequencing (NGS), proteomics, or simply sets of biochemical dosages. Therefor our team identifies and validates complex biomarkers with exceptional precision.

Advantages of working with Alphanosos

Thanks to the discovery of complex rather than trivial biomarkers, our partners gain an unprecedented competitive avantage to :

  • Accelerate clinical research: Provide powerful tools for faster, more accurate studies.
  • Develop innovative products: Support the development of advanced diagnostics and therapies.
  • Improve patient care: Contribute to more personalised and effective treatments.

Collaboration and partnerships

We work closely with academic institutions, pharmaceutical companies and research organisations to develop and commercialise innovative biomarkers. Find out how our collaboration can transform your research and development.

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