R&D partnerships

Alphanosos values strategic collaborations to push the frontiers of biotechnology research. Our R&D partnerships aim to combine our innovations with the expertise of academic institutions, research centres and leading companies in the sector, to develop revolutionary healthcare and technical solutions.

Why partner with Alphanosos ?

By partnering with Alphanosos, you benefit from our advanced and genuine AI expertise as well as expertise in generatig innovative botanical extract mixes and microbiological testing expertise:

  • Access to cutting-edge technologies: Use our genuine resources and know-how in AI and safe botanical and ingredient mixes.
  • Multidisciplinary collaboration: Work with our experts and those from various sectors and disciplines.
  • Research funding: Benefit from our shared risks and rewards scheme for preserving your R&D budget.

Areas of collaboration

Our R&D partnerships cover several areas, including but not limited to:

  • Development of new drugs
  • Improvement of biomanufacturing processes
  • Patented natural functional cosmetic ingredients
  • Innovations in nutrition and animal health

Each project is designed to make the most of the skills and resources of the partners involved, ensuring significant advances in each area.

Testimonials and Case Studies

Discover the success stories of our current and past partnerships, and see how working with Alphanosos has transformed our partners’ R&D.

Inès Comtet

We are thrilled to share Alphanosos’ incubation journey at GSI OPEN DAY. We’re truly proud and excited about the opportunities this collaboration brings.

Get involved with us

Are you interested in an R&D partnership with Alphanosos? Whether you are a biotech start-up, a university or a multinational pharmaceutical company, we are open to exploring new opportunities for collaboration.