• March 2018 (published 05/2019): Alphanosos sells one of its cosmetic product development project to Syha-Paris

    One of Alphanosos’ cosmetic product development project (formulations and know-how) has been sold to French startup Syha-Paris ( ). Syha-Paris will incorporate Alphanosos’ patent pending active Synherbs® 4.5-bio-cosmos in its initial product lines.

  • June 2017: Alphanosos has been granted the “COSMOS Certified Ingredients” label for 2 cosmetic ingredients based on discoveries obtained with its artificial intelligence based discovery tools

    Among Alphanosos’ synergistic plant mixes discoveries included in its recent patent application (see November 2016 news), several were identified to be of high interest for cosmetic applications. For two of them, we entered scale-up developments compatible with the COSMOS Certified Ingredients requirements.

    After careful review of our dossier and an inspection visit in June, Ecocert GREENLIFE SAS (France) issued a certificate of compliance on our two ingredients and manufacturing process, which together deserve the “COSMOS Certified Ingredients V2“ label.

    These plant mixes can now be incorporated in cosmetics targeting the “COSMOS Organic” certification. Alphanosos has already licensed one of these ingredients to a European company on restricted geographic territories and products.

    Alphanosos is now leading the development of a cosmetic line incorporating one of these ingredients that is to comply with “Cosmos Organic” requirements.

  • November 2016: Alphanosos files a patent application on a large family of anti-staphylococci plant extracts obtained with its artificial intelligence based discovery tools

    Alphanosos’ patent application covers complex and synergistic mixes of plant extracts with anti-biofilm and antibiotic activities against staphylococci, including MRSA. The patent exemplifies the activity of more than 600 of such mixes and includes animal model results for activity against systemic infection.

    The active plant mixes could be identified out of an astronomical number of possible plant combinations by using Alphanosos’ proprietary and genuine artificial intelligence powered screening data analysis algorithms and software.

    The synergistic plant mixes’ activity is highly specific of staphylococci and insensitive to the antibiotic resistance profiles of the strains. The plants composing the mixes have a history of safe human consumption. These properties open a large window of fast-to-market opportunities for therapeutic indications in humans and animals where existing antibiotics cannot be used.

    This also opens a new paradigm in bacterial infection treatment, as Alphanosos’ artificial intelligence based discovery method allows for the fast development of virtually unlimited number of new anti-bacterial treatments with a safety profile potentially acceptable for direct use in human.

  • March 2016: Alphanosos and a southern European dermato-cosmetic Company sign a Collaboration Agreement

    Alphanosos has granted to a southern European dermato-cosmetic Company the right to use, in certain territories, proprietary novel compounds for dermatological and cosmetic applications.

    Alphanosos will receive upfront payments and double digit royalties on the sale of products incorporating its compounds.

  • March 2016: Alphanosos secures total financing of € 2,603,750 well above objective of €1,500,000

    After having obtained during 2015/16 an amount of equity investments from private shareholders of € 1,210,250 and € 473,500 (non-interest bearing loan and grants) from the Auvergne General Council, Alphanosos received, in March 2016, an amount of € 920,000 (loan and non-interest bearing advance) from BPI France.

    Accordingly, Alphanosos secured during less than one year of activity a total financing of € 2,603,750 well above the initial objective of € 1,500,000.

  • December 2015: Incorporation of Kappa Biofilm

    Alphanosos announces the incorporation of Kappa Biofilm LLC, Washington, DC, USA. This joint-venture between Alphanosos (as a majority shareholder) and Professor Jeffrey Kaplan will initially collaborate with American academic institutions and private partners.

    Kappa Biofilm will discover compounds targeting bacterial species involved in devastating issues of clinical or economical relevance. In particular, the discovered compounds will fight strains that exhibit multiple resistance to existing antibiotics which presently have been identified as a major health threat to humanity by the World Health Organization and the USA‘s Centre for Disease Control and Prevention.

    These discoveries will be further developed by Kappa Biofilm at least until successful pre-clinical stage in order to generate attractive licensing opportunities.

  • April 2015: Tripartite research collaboration between Alphanosos/ LIENSs -CNRS-University La Rochelle, France/ American University, Washington DC, USA

    Alphanosos entered into collaboration with Professor Saïd Jabbouri from LIENSs-CNRS-University La Rochelle and Professor Jeffrey Kaplan from American University, Washington DC. This collaboration aimed at the discovery of antibiofilm and antibiotic compounds from selected microbial species of marine origin. The collaboration led to the identification of promising extracts active against several disease causing bacterial species, including S. aureus and P. aeruginosa.